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For the Future of Our Children and Youth.

Youth Wanted!!

Communities that care are looking for youth volunteers to come down and give us their opinions! If you 'd like to meet new people, get involved with your community, get your voices heard, help with current youth projects and earn references, contact us on the email link below.


Communities That Care (CTC) Squamish was formed in 1998 with Whistler launching in 2003. The process was adopted in the northern corridor in December, 2006.

2008 saw the establishment of a regional CTC Key Leader Board. The regional board supports and guides the local community boards in their efforts to support healthy development of youth.

In the Sea to Sky region CTC includes local boards in the Northern Corridor, Whistler and Squamish.


In 2008 CTC launched the Parenting Wisely Program www.familyworksinc.com. The Strengthening Families Program for 10-14 year olds and their families began in 2008 and received positive results. Strengthening Families Programs for children aged 6-10 as well as families with youth aged 11-14 will now be available in Squamish.

Community Assessment Report

This 2014 report outlines risk and protective factor priorities for Squamish. Click Here to download the report.

Squamish 2013 Youth Survey Report

This is an extremely useful tool in identifying risk factors related to problem behaviours such as alcohol, tobacco and other drug use-and in identifying protective factors that help guard against those behaviours. Click Here to download the report.

What is CTC

Communities That Care (CTC) is a research supported prevention process that engages all areas of the community in promoting the positive development of young people. CTC measures levels of risk and protective factors, selects priorities on which a strategic plan can be focused, and then tracks progress toward desired changes in risk factors, protective factors, and problem behaviors.

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How does it work?

The philosophy of CTC is that through a process of reduction of risk and strengthening of protective factors throughout the course of young people's development that we can prevent many problems from developing.

The CTC approach aims to strengthen the different environments that affect children and youth: home, school, peer group and the larger community.

The Communities That Care Operating System uses a 5 phase process:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Organizing, Introducing and Involving
  3. Developing a Community Profile
  4. Creating a Community Action Plan
  5. Implementing and Evaluating the Community Action Plan

Key Principles

  • Inclusive
  • Proactive
  • Based on rigorous research
  • Community specific

Vision Statement

Our vision for the community of Squamish is for vibrant, connected and supportive community which embraces and encourages diversity and ensures that each member has opportunities to contribute and succeed.


In 1998, the Healthy Communities Committee initiated the Communities That Care project as a way of creating opportunities for young people to reach their best potential in life. The project's primary aim is to develop a coordinated, comprehensive and comprehensive way of preventing prevention problems with: substance abuse, delinquency, unintended teenage pregnancy, academic difficulty, violence and depression.


An Action Committee and Advisors maintain the mobilization process. Inclusive participation encompassing the entire community is essential to address identified risks in collaboration with existing groups, resources and programs in our community.

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