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· Monthly meetings are held of each table.
· Locations vary.
· Meetings are not held in July or August.
· Regional CTC board meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

Dates and times of meetings are subject to change, please contact us for more information.

Past Events

Keeping Teens Safe

On November 26th, 2010, as part of the Community Trails Intervention program, the CTC coalition offered a day of information for parents and youth.

Speakers included:

  • Megan J Bulloch, PHD - A teens brain
  • Cst Nick Herder, RCMP - The law and ways to keep teens safe
  • Dr. Doug Adams, psychologist - Tips for parents

The community of Squamish has a new and exciting planning opportunity to help reduce injuries and promote safety and well being for every resident. You can help make Squamish safer by becoming involved in Safe Communities Squamish. 'Safe Communities Squamish' is intended for those concerned about safety, good health and injury prevention in Squamish.

On Wednesday, May 19, 2010 a free public workshop was held at Totem Hall Squamish where priorities were set for injury prevention in Squamish. Over the last two years leaders in the community have worked to complete ten steps specified for Squamish's designation as a Safe Community. Squamish was designated as Canada's 60th Safe Community and BC's 4th Safe Community on July 7, 2010.

  • Every hour of every day, 47 British Columbians suffer a preventable injury
  • In 2004, injuries cost British Columbians $2.8 billion and 1721 lives
  • The total costs for every British Columbian due to injury was $670

Safety is everyone's business!

The collaborative efforts of citizens and organizations of Squamish to reduce community rates of avoidable injury were celebrated at Squamish's Official Designation as a Safe Community on Saturday, November 13th at Totem Hall, Squamish.

Photos Below
Top Left: Founder of Safe Communities Canada Paul Kells with Squamish Safe Communties Chair Kristine Day
Top Right: Councillor Patricia Heintzman with Squamish Nation Chief and Councillor representative Josh Joseph
Bottom: Squamish Nation Youth receive the Safe Communities key

Action Committee Meetings

  • Monthly/bi-monthly meetings are held in Squamish
  • Locations vary
  • Meetings are not held in July or August.
  • Regional CTC board meetings are held up and down the Sea to Sky Corridor on a quarterly basis.

As dates and times of meetings are subject to change, please contact us at 604-815-9578 or email Erin Stewart Elliot for next meeting details.

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