Learning, Growing and Working Together
For the Future of Our Children and Youth.

Get Involved

Benefits of Participation in CTC

  • Learn more about the community.
  • Be part of the decision making process.
  • Share resources
  • Develop new skills.
  • Get to know others and have fun!
  • Be part of a great team.
  • Contribute to making Squamish a better place.

Building a web of protection

  • We need your help.
  • Come be part of the solution.
  • Share your skills

"The community is the context in which families raise their children. Families of all socioeconomic levels, all cultures and races, in all neighborhoods must recognize the powerful influence of the community on the development of young people. The community context can increase the risks in young people's lives, or working hand in hand with families schools and youth-serving organizations, can help create a web of protection for youth."
CTC Prevention Strategies: A Research Guide to What Works, 2000.

Join one of our Workgroups

We are always looking for community members with time and enthusiasm to help us get things done by joining one of our work groups.

For example, the Data Collection Work Group when active gathers community-level data on problem adolescent behaviors (substance abuse, suicide, delinquency, violence, teen pregnancy, and dropping out of school) and on the amount of risk and protection for the behaviors that exist in Squamish. The workgroup then works together to analyse that data, and to prioritise a list of risk and protective factors that it recommends be targeted in the Community Action Plan.

Volunteer for a Program

Find out more about our Promising Approaches and how you can help promote them. The Community Trials Intervention Work Group is working to reduce high-risk drinking by using this community-based program to alter alcohol use patterns of people of all ages and related problems.

Help at a Community Event

Extra hands are always appreciated when we are out and about in the community!

Spread the Word

If you have a spot where you think we should provide flyers or posters, or if you know of a group that should be on our email list, let us know!


If you want to help, but are short on time, financial contributions are greatly appreciated.

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