Learning, Growing and Working Together
For the Future of Our Children and Youth.

What We Have Done

Communities That Care Squamish is a mobilization project aimed at preventing six youth health and behavior problems (teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, delinquency, school drop out and depression). It exists to create a vibrant, healthy community.

We create opportunities for people to learn how to be strong, healthy individuals and families. CTC is available because people in the community work together to make it happen. Since 1998, CTC has worked with a broad group of community stakeholders to assess the levels of risk and protection in our community.

Based on the community's needs and efforts, the Strengthening Families Program is now in its seventh cycle, the High/Scope educational approach is now operating at two pre-schools in Squamish. The Municipal Alcohol Policy has been implemented at District of Squamish Facilities and the Step Up Campaign has been launched.

Accomplishments since the start of the project:

  • Engaged and educated key stakeholders
  • Held four conferences in which participants have learned about community development, population health and the benefits of early intervention.
  • Created a report on the priority risk factors in Squamish. Read More
  • Completed a community strengths and resources assessment including a review of laws and norms.
  • Identified research based promising approaches to fill the gaps. Read More
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