Learning, Growing and Working Together
For the Future of Our Children and Youth.

Who Is Involved

There are too many volunteers and individuals to name them all. The project would not have taken place without the ongoing community support we receive.

In 2008 a regional CTC Committee made up of 'key leaders/stakeholders' was formed covering Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Samahquam, N'quatqua, Skatin, Douglas First Nation and Mount Currie.

Coalition of Caring Communities

  • Pat McKenzie - SD 48
    Kathleen Collins - MCFD
    Cheryl Dolan - SD 48
    Julie Thevarge - N'quatqua
    Paul Cumin - Pemberton Christian Church
    Jackie Faulkner - SSCS
    Lizz Kelly - SSCS/Rotary
    Jeanne Cross - SSCS
    Joanne John - Lil'wat
    Colleen Moberg - VCH
    Christine Andrew - SD 48
    Chris Dodds - RCMP
    Jeanne Cameron - PCFI
    Paul Wilson - MCFD
    Carole Stretch - Multicultural Network


  • Norm McPhail - RMOW
    Steph Reesor - Community Member
    William Roberts - Whistler Forum
    Kathleen Collins - MCFD
    Claire Mozes - WCSS


  • Suzie Soman - SSCS
  • Megan Bulloch - Quest University
    Josh Joseph - Squamish Nation
    Peter Gordon - Cascadia Consulting
    Julia Black - PCFI
    Pam Gliatis - Cap University
    Liane Van Raalte - Community Member
    Dieter Ayers - Provincial Health Services Authority
    Ann Marie McKenzie - Big Brothers
    Chelsie Brubacher - SSCS
    Juanita Coltman - SD 48
    Rob Smith - MCFD
    Christine Baker - Squamish Nation
    Marilyn Caldwell - SD 48
    Lois Wynne - SD 48 (Host Agency)
    Raina Siou - RCMP (E Div.)
    Diane Livingstone - MCFD
    Susanne Richter - VCHA
    Wayne Pride - RCMP
    Christine Buttkus - CTC Technical Consultant/Facilitator

We also partnered with Whistler 2020 a policy initiative affecting communities in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Whistler 2020

CTC is a community mobilization project that looks to creating healthier communities, schools, families and individuals. It recognizes the need to work along the continuum of children, youth and families. Both CTC and PCFI (Putting Children First) in the Sea to Sky Corridor recognise that the work of the two coalitions are complimentary. We are working towards active pragmatic partnerships to enhance integration of work in communities.

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Tel: 604-849-2252